Covid-19 TEST KIT

home use, stationary use, mass tests

The DIY Test-Kit

1. ​Scan the QR code, download the app and register to complete the login process
2. Insert the cell phone into the recess provided and start video recording via the app
3. Insert the narrow tube into the holding point. Open the saline solution, put it in your mouth and rinse the oral cavity thoroughly for 1 minute. Attention: Don’t swallow! After 1 minute, rinse the straw into the insert narrow tubes and spit the saline solution into the tube through the straw.
4. ​Discard the straw and the close tube with sealing adhesive. Place the tube in the transport container and close well.
5. ​End video recording and close app and place the sample in the box and seal with sealing adhesive.
6. ​Bring the test kit to the post office and send it off. You will get the laboratory test result directly on your app.

How to mouth wash with tFRWD


​NO sterile enviroment required

NO specialized/trained staff needed

BEST PRICE on the market

VAST NUMBERS of tests can be provided (due to compability with standard lab equippment)

MADE IN AUSTRIA – The testing process is currently used by Austrian Government to test school kids and the kit itself has been launched successfully in August 2020 at POS partners in Austria (pharmacies, drug stores).

APPROVED BY WHO (laboratories guidance), CE labeled and certificated by EU member authorities.

Advantages of the mouth wash vs swabs

Unlike the currently widespread nasal and throat swabs, the mouth wash samples are taken without causing pain or unpleasant feelings. They are therefore also suitable for children.

A further advantage is that considerably fewer trained doctors are needed to perform the tests.

In addition, they can also maintain a greater distance from the tested people and are therefore less exposed to potentially infected persons.

Data show that mouthwashes are an appropriate way to distinguish infectious patients from patients who have already passed the disease.

For example, RNA can still be detected in the nasal cavity for several weeks after the end of the infection, while the remaining RNA is rinsed out more quickly in the throat cavity through daily eating and drinking.