automated health checks

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The tFRWD App:
Connecting a digital identity to a certified test result

The specially developed WebApp serves to guide people securely through the test process on the one hand and to verify their identity in a two-step procedure on the other.


How the WebApp works

After opening the tFRWD WebApp and placing the smartphone in front of you, the camera of the smartphone is activated and you´re asked to perform an online ID process. Similar processes are known in the online banking industry.
While you perform the test you are filmed. This is required to prove, that you have taken the test yourself and that you did everything in the right way.
The either the laboratory (PCR) or our AI (rapid test) will analyse the result and you will be issued a certificate.
The data will be treated confidentially and will only be stored temporarily (maximum 14 days) in order to be able to issue a certificate needed to travel or to be able to carry out the obligatory reporting of positive test results on the basis of the Epidemics Act.

  • Free App (web-browser)
  • Direct messaging with the Covid-19 test result
  • Bank standard digital identity
  • Digital user guidance during the testing and sampling procedure
  • Automated Test Kit validation with Artificial Intelligence
  • EU DCC („green pass“) is issued
  • Fit2Fly UK certificate

The tFRWD entry control App

All members of the event safety team will get an extra „scan App“ to be able to check the health status of guests. That way we can also make sure, that we can track the unique identifiers of attendees to make sure contact tracing is possible if required by authorities.

  • Free App (web-browser)
  • Fast & simple ID´ing and health check
  • Simple health related communication with attendees.
  • QR Code scan
  • Full transparency
  • ​Anonymised unique ID´s guarantee safety of personal data
«The safety team App enables events & government to check the health status of event goers easily and contact them if needed»

The tFRWD interface (API) for entry control systems, health wallets and custom APPs

The full digital process enables testFRWD to automate health checks at every entry control system capable of connecting to the Internet.

This allow seamless integration into

  • automated airport entry control systems
  • automated venue entry control systems
  • automated border control systems
  • Health passes & freedom passes
  • ​Anonymised unique ID´s guarantee safety of personal data
  • custom Apps of ticketers, event players and players in the industries.
«The testFRWD API integrates with any automated access control system, to provide seamless & secure health checks»