tFrwd App

100% tested, door opener, safety team

The tFRWD App for guests & travellers

Within 24h after performing the Covid-19 test the result will be delivered through the tFRWD App. The App is the “central point of information” for alle data relevant to the event with special focus on epidemic event-safety.

  • Free App (web-browser)
  • Direct messaging with the Covid-19 test result
  • Registration & ID’ing of tested persons at test stations, as positive results have to be submitted by law to the ESN directly from the laboratory
  • Covid-test-countdown during incubation period and next test reminder
  • DOOR OPENER/check-in tool (only negative tested persons get access to the event by QR code scan)
  • ​tFRWD venue partner list (daily event planner with direct link to presale/prereservation)
«The testFRWD APP enables safety controls at the door to check the health status of guests. If included in an event-health-concept 100% Covid tested events can be guaranteed.»

The tFRWD safety Team App

All members of the event safety team will get an extra “scan App” to be able to check the health status of guests. That way we can also make sure, that we can track the unique identifiers of attendees to make sure contact tracing is possible if required by authorities.

  • Free App (web-browser)
  • Fast & simple ID´ing and health check
  • Simple health related communication with attendees.
  • QR Code scan
  • Full transparency
  • ​Anonymised unique ID´s guarantee safety of personal data
«The safety team App enables events & government to check the health status of event goers easily and contact them if needed»