assess, reduce, mitigate, control

risk of infection and spread of diseases at events & gatherings with customized solutions.

How can you control the risks in order to safely re-open the events business?

Risk depends on various factors that have to be taken into account when planning an event during the current pandemic. We provide the necessary tools and expertise required to enable you to move forward.

Analyse your regional / current situation
Every event and tourism spot is different in terms of infection rates, economic, and political environments. Use our risk management matrix to help you ease governmental lockdown restrictions and adapt your safety protocols based on science.
Include testing in your health & safety protocols
Events are being compromised by “social distancing” measures. In order to allow gatherings to be held without social distancing, a controlled environment has to be created by testing guests and staff.
Time is important: quick results & limited timeframe
A negative test result merely provides a “snapshot” of the health of the tested person. The same person can become infected shortly after the test, so we have to take into account incubation times and calculate the risk of becoming infectious.
Implement testing cycle for maximum safety
The average incubation period after becoming infected is 5.1 days, so after 3-4 days we need to re-test in order to prevent a possible spread. During the 4 days after the negative test, we reach the highest safety level.
Identify positive cases before they travel
We want anyone who tests positive not to travel, and to isolate for 14 days. For this reason tFRWD sends the DIY kit to the customer right after the ticket has been bought, so that the customer knows about his health status BEFORE travelling.
100% tested events with APP entry controls
To create a 100% tested event, anyone wishing to attend must be COVID-negative prior to the event. We control the health status of the guests, performers, and staff upon entry via the tFRWD APP
Collect valuable data for science partners
Even at this stage we know very little about the novel coronavirus. Global testing efforts have one objective: to monitor and contain the virus. 100% COVID-tested events allow us to gather extremely valuable data for academic institutions. All 100% anonymous, of course.
Tests must affordable for everybody
Through our international network of laboratories and the vast numbers of tests we provide on a daily basis, we are able to keep prices at about 50% of the market price. Governments can also subsidize the price to reduce it even further.

Test & check process for event goers