Joining forces to combat the fallout of the pandemic

Four different backgrounds and practical experiences combined into one idea. Backed-up by international investors and innovation partners, allied with industrial scale laboratories we are first to market.

HENNES WEISS has been working in the music and events industry for 20 years. Currently based in Vienna, he considers the world his home and travels the globe for 2–3 months a year. After completing his Master’s degree in Brand Management & Business Consulting, he lived and worked in New York and Berlin for several years. Projects he has conceived include two clubs in Vienna (Pratersauna, Praterstrasse), festivals in Croatia, India, and South Africa (Lighthouse Festival Brand), and he oversees the music management of internationally renowned DJs and bands (e.g. HVOB).

​»The music industry has been one of the industries hardest hit by Covid-19. Our mission was to find a painless, turn-around solution that would enable us to return to near normality as quickly as possible«

VEIT-ANDER AICHBICHLER, a “serial entrepreneur”, studied chemistry and business information technology and is the founder and CEO of a variety of companies. Currently he is managing tourism projects in Italy, he is the founder of a successful voucher card system at multi-chain POS, and is specialised in shifting real-life products and services into the digital world.

»Based on a world-leading Covid test innovation and a global lab network, we developed a software solution to deliver the test results within 12–24 hours via an app that, at the same time, works as the door-opener for 100% COVID-tested events«

PROF. DR. MED. CHRISTOPH STEININGER is a virologist, infectiologist, and internist at the Medical University of Vienna. After studying human medicine in Innsbruck, he worked at the Medical University of Vienna, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (Germany), Cayetano Heredia University Lima (Peru), and University of California, San Diego (USA). Prof. Steininger is head of the research group “Viral Infections” and the Institute for Microbiome Research of the Karl-Landsteiner Society.

»We are solving with our product the most important bottle-neck in COVID-19 testing – sample collection and reporting«