The future of digital health

Home testing systems enhanced with digital ID verification and AI result verfication

Connecting players in the health space, connecting the customer to manufacturers, POC ́s and laboratories

PCR testing: an ecosystem for certified PCR home tests

Together with LEAD Horizon Vienna, testFRWD has developed a ground-breaking, innovative, patented Covid-19 testing solution specifically designed to enable pain-free, large-scale, and low-priced testing with a focus on the tourism industry. The test kit is CE-certified and complies with EU and WHO guidelines and regulations.

Rapid testing: AI powered result recognition & monitoring

identyME by testFRWD is a fully digital, scalable and simple home certification and result verification system for rapid testing platforms like Antigen and Antibody tests that allows seamless and easy integration into any Application, entry control system or health passport.

Bringing different testing platforms together:
identyME – the digital solution

Our goal: to safely re-open the tourism & events industry and creating a digital end-to-end solution.

We empower market players by allowing them to keep long-term business strategies alive, while enabling long-term planning by reducing the risks of cancellations.

Inbound & outbound testing of travellers
Offering a quick, easy solution, and an affordable test infrastructure for EVERY INBOUND & OUTBOUND visitor, as well as staff and residents, with a daily capacity of up to 80K tests on arrival at destination
EASING of pandemic lockdown restrictions in alignment with the local authorities and Health Care Institutions for all participating partners of the programme
Target new groups of tourists
Opening a NEW WINDOW for additional groups of tourists who prioritise safety or belong to a risk group
Real time analyse of the spread of diseases
Monitored home tests give governments the ability to monitor and analyse the spread of diseases in a comprehensive real-time way without compromising on data privacy.
PCR Tests conducted (million)
max hours to PCR result
Compatible rapid test manufacturers
Countries available


A digital, certified PCR result is a way to re-open the economy safely. The city of Vienna was the first mover to provide free PCR test to all their citizens without expensive point of care facilities, staff or testing centers. The simple solution: certified and digitalised home testing.
The digital result enables every citizens test status to be checked at the entry of a venue, a stadium or  a restaurant.
Instead of emergency funding, subsidies and aids this leads to a new approach: Testing instead of lockdowns.


No other industry has been hit harder by COVID-19 than the tourism sector. It was the first industry to shut down and will be the last to fully re-open, as governments all over the world attempt to balance the risks to the health of their citizens against the economic impact of the regulations put in place in response to the pandemic. To minimize the risk to individual tourists, testing is the only available solution at the moment. tFRWD has set up an integrated process involving a new, world patented DIY Covid-19 test kit that will enable stakeholders in the tourism industry to:

  1. Ensure planning certainty for budgeting, advance bookings, ticket sales, and marketing activities
  2. Reputational trust by local authorities to receive the event permission
  3. Minimize the risk of last-minute cancellations in the event of a 2nd/3rd wave
  4. Do business with fewer to no restrictions and barriers