Digital health systems enhanced with digital ID verification and AI result verfication

Connecting the customer to health services, POC ́s and laboratories

Providing solutions for digital identity, real-time video analyis and AI read outs in the testing space

Digitise any test by combining digital identity technology with video capture & analysis, AI read-outs of lateral flow tests and connections to governments or your own system

testFRWD´s technology layer can integrate with any testing product on the markets. From AI driven lateral flow read-outs, certified digital identification system to direct LIS system integrations – testFRWD has the solution.

This allows to introduce validated & certified self-testing procedures and open new sales channels.

Several modules are available and can be adapted to the needs of any manufacturer

  1. certified digital identification of the user
  2. AI driven video analysis during self-testing
  3. Facial matching and validation during self- testing
  4. AI read out of later flow tests.
  5. Read out of quantitative tests (color based)
  6. Process automation user -> LIS lab -> government reporting
  7. Web-App & native APP available
  8. White label solution / license solution

KYC + video monitoring + real time analyizes = valid certificate

Driving digitalisation in the testing space

We empower market players by providing digitalisation and technology, that can help transform the testing industry.

Travel industry
testFRWD has been validating travellers during self-testing since 2020 and has provided the identyME system to players like Lufthansa, Austrian, Swiss, KLM, Amadeus and many more.
Make testing more accessible
Home testing has become an alternative to POC testing in the last 2 years. By combining digital identity with video recording and AI analysis a certificate can be released, that meets existing regulatory prequisites.
New consumer groups & markets
Enhancing self-tests with AI driven certification technology opens new markets. The full service around certification can now be sold at any POS.
Digitise manufacturers portfolios
Monitored and certified home tests allow manufacturers to offer a product, that also includes the ``service`` around the sample collection.
Tests conducted PCR & Rapid (million)
Government API integrations
Retailers, online channels and sales channels
Manufacturers digitsed

PCR testing: an ecosystem for certified PCR home tests

Together with LEAD Horizon Vienna, testFRWD has developed a ground-breaking, innovative, patented Covid-19 testing solution specifically designed to enable pain-free, large-scale, and low-priced testing with a focus on the tourism industry. The test kit is CE-certified and complies with EU and WHO guidelines and regulations.


Rapid testing: AI powered result recognition & monitoring

identyME by testFRWD is a fully digital, scalable and simple home certification and result verification system for rapid testing platforms like Antigen and Antibody tests that allows seamless and easy integration into any Application, entry control system or health passport.


Bringing different testing platforms together:
identyME – the digital solution


A digital, certified PCR result is a way to re-open the economy safely. The city of Vienna was the first mover to provide free PCR test to all their citizens without expensive point of care facilities, staff or testing centers. The simple solution: certified and digitalised home testing.
The digital result enables every citizens test status to be checked at the entry of a venue, a stadium or  a restaurant.
Instead of emergency funding, subsidies and aids this leads to a new approach: Testing instead of lockdowns.